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One of the great pleasures of finishing writing of a novel is that you get to start another one.  I certainly don’t have years of experience doing this, but I can’t begin to relay how exciting a process it is.  As much fun as I have ever had.  Getting to create new characters and see where they take you.

I have written roughly two hundred pages of my second novel, meaning that after going back and tearing out all of the stuff that I thought was good but really wasn’t, re-writing, etc., I am probably one-third of the way through.

The protagonist in this story is a fifty year old woman—so quite different from “I’m Will” where the protagonist was male and all of the primary characters were teenagers.  But having hit that not-so-magical age threshold, I seem to all of a sudden know a lot of fifty year old women.

So we’ll see where this one takes us.

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