Excellent read, humorous, thoroughly engaging

5 out of 5 stars: A Rather Colorful Collection Of Characters

by Former NYC

As a former New Yorker I was pleasantly surprised by the chapters surrounding Will’s train rides from NYC, and his interactions with a rather colorful collection of characters, as it brought back some fond memories of my daily commute years ago on the LIRR. And, as a former basketball player that also ran cross-country in the Fall to get in shape for hoops season, I instantly connected with Will on that trait and chuckled with the recollection of my own high school years. But those were simply small components of my overall enjoyment reading this book (picked it up on a quiet Saturday morning at the cottage and read straight through), as I immediately became engrossed in Will’s coming of age story. In addition, as my wife and I work to put our four kids through college, I could easily relate both to Will’s father wanting to simply give his son every advantage and opportunity to succeed in this world, while also recognizing in my own children Will’s seeming indifference at times to those efforts as all they truly want is my unconditional love and support. Great story and extremely well-written; looking forward to the next body of work from this author.

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