Bill grew up the third of six children, following his father’s job trail from St. Louis, MO to Pittsfield, MA to Hartford, CT.  After a near fatal car accident and, later, the death of his father, Bill became largely independent at a relatively young age.

After graduating from Williams College and then Harvard Business School, Bill spent several years learning the practical side of business at the management consulting firm, Bain & Company.  Looking for a more creative challenge, he spent the next two decades as an entrepreneur building three companies from scratch, each with a strikingly unique service model.  Before You Move (a relocation services firm, with good friend John Marvin), Sterling Autobody Centers (a large chain of collision repair centers, with mentor Bob Thompson and others) and Neighborhood Diabetes (a health care services provider, with the unequaled Tom Cronin) all continue as significant, thriving companies today.  These are the types of start-ups that have collectively added a large number of domestic jobs to this country’s economy.

Along the way, Bill and his wife, Polly, have been raising four children in their home outside of Boston.  Each of their kids went to public elementary and middle school, and then to a private high school.  All the while, Bill and Polly were learning how to be parents.

The great thing about having lots of employees and lots of kids is that it provides an array of incomparable stories about people.  People who provide uncommon perspectives, do funny things, less funny things and downright perplexing things.  Many of these interactions provided the ingredients for the next chapter of Bill’s career which is to write fiction.  I’m Will is his first novel.

Bill is also a passionate believer in the importance of making quality education available to kids as a way to break the poverty-to-prison road that captures too many talented youths today.  Along with an incredible group of bright, generous people (Dr. Charles Weiss, Mike Tsotsis, Sean McGrath, Chris Collins, Mike Kaneb, Eric Harthun, George Eldridge, Matt Brunell, Meg Florentine, Alex Zequeira and many, many others), he helped to open the Nativity School of Worcester, a middle school serving underprivileged youth in Worcester, MA, was opened in 1993.  Graduates of the school are performing admirably in private high schools and colleges across the country and the first class will soon be the first members in their families to graduate from college.